Hi there! We’re Grace and Maddie — the 23-year-old twins behind this food blog. As you can see in the picture on the left, we’ve practically been baking since we were born. Our kitchen has been home to innumerable birthday cakes, Thanksgiving meals, elaborate brunches, and even a rather unfortunate attempt at our own cooking show in middle school. Today, we love hosting dinner parties for our friends, cooking up creative vegetarian entrees, and spending time with our family gathered around the kitchen counter.

In May 2014, we graduated college and journeyed into the real world — landing Maddie in Cincinnati, OH, and Grace in Birmingham, AL. Despite the distance, we continued to learn and be inspired by what the other was creating in the kitchen. As we began sharing our most successful dishes with one another, we realized we wanted to share them with you all as well —thus, double thyme was born. Now, we're living together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and both working in NYC.

Here, you’ll find a combination of savory vegetarian dishes, our favorite baked goods, and a few drinks and snacks in between. We’re from-scratch cooks and bakers, and except for the occasional Bisquick waffles, most of what we make doesn’t start with a box. We’re passionate about working with fresh and local ingredients, and our dishes are reflective of the season’s best produce.

 We will be posting recipes that are delicious, easy to follow, and fully approved by both of us and our friends and family. So come on in, pull up a chair, and welcome to our kitchen(s)!